Karang Bolong Beach

Karang Bolong Beach in Banten
offers many great activities for those want to go around tropical destination
in West Java. Gathering peaceful atmosphere, you can take your picnic bag and
enjoy its cool shade. Combining the beauty of ocean, you can escape from your
busy activity to relax amongst its tranquil atmosphere. 

Offering more than
laying on its sand, you can take some water sport activities like banana boat
and riding motor boat to explore its surroundings. If you do not want to get
wet, you can trek along the top of the cliff of this beach. Karang Bolong Beach
name derives from its condition that displays a big reef with a big hole in the
middle. The hole happened naturally
witnessing the majestic ocean.  In the
peak of the reef you will find a sitting corner to enjoy the beauty of Mount
Krakatau while you can breathe the fresh air of ocean there. 

You can access
Karang Bolong Beach about 140 km from Jakarta as it is equal with 2 hours
driving distance. If you are coming from Serang, the capital city of Banten
Province, you can find Karang Bolong just 50 kilometers. You can stay longer in
this beach where you can find some home stay, hotels, resorts and any types of
villa. This beach also completed by wireless internet service to provide you up
to date information. A line of food street traders are standing along the coast
with any kinds of cafe and restaurants to give tourists wide choices of food. Any
kind of facilities is also available there like shelters, souvenir shop, kids
playground and boat rentals.

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